My Artist Persona

My Artist Persona (M.A.P.) is a kind of map for your creative career that we draw together and that will be your guiding star showing the way to your success as an artist.

The goal is to make you aware of your personality, especially of your creative core. Once you get that self-awareness, we will be able to define your creative persona. 

Please note, that there can be various personas. Your task will be to test them and choose one that clicks the most.

We will also work on a marketing aspect, so you know what steps will be necessary and right for you to take in order to promote your art.


Also, and it is a very important part, we will work on you mindset. We will have to make sure your psyche has enough space for your creative ambitions. If not, no matter you do, you can’t expect great results.

So, be ready to do some interesting work!



Standard Session

This session is usually 1h or 1,5h long where we cover basic aspects of your artistic brand. 

Package of 3 sessions

 Sessions include the same material as in a standard session but more detailed. Also, there is a couple of creative tasks that you will have to do.

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