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I believe in people, their potential. But I also believe that before you tap into that potential, you should learn who and what you are. Get in touch with your soul and spirit because they already know what you should become in this life. We just need to learn to listen to ourselves.

That’s basically the core of my work – to make emerging talents familiar with themselves so that they could connect to their soul, their creative core. Once that is done, they will know for sure what is needed in order for them to succeed.



Hello! I am Elena. My artistic name is Ellena. I am a music producer and artist coach. All my life is all about music.

I started my music career working for a music editorial where I wrote about music industry and key figures. I also conducted interviews with artist of different caliber, such as Within Temptation, D12 (Swifty, Bizarre, Kuniva), Joell Ortiz, Keely Ferguson, GRIP.

Later, I worked for major music labels like Warner Music Group and Universal Music Group. So, I know how the business side of the industry works.

In 2020 I became a member of the Recording Academy where I learnt a lot about marketing and promotion strategies in new time. Time after COVID which drastically changed the industry. The pandemic changed not only the industry, but my life as well. Because this was the time when I started creating my own music.

My creative journey was confusing. I didn’t know who I was as an artist. I only knew that I was different and my music was very different. That’s basically what made me stand out – they way I hear music and the way I play with it. Yes, it took me some time to identify and accept that.

Very soon I started getting invited to collaborate with other producers and artists. That’s when things became interesting. Every time I met an artist or we worked on a song I got asked how to start a music career and succeed. And every time they came back saying that everything worked for them and that they knew what to do next. Some of them say that I am “a woman who changed” their life.

That’s when I started thinking about working with artists in order to help them understand themselves as a person and an artists but I never took that idea seriously. Not until this year. More and more people started coming to me looking for answers on their creative career. So, I decided to make my idea happen.

I always say that any art is an extention of your personality. The more you know yourself and your whys, the more successfull you will be. It can also be applied to any industry.

So, if you want to dive deeper into your artistic core, I will be happy to accompany you on this journey!  

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